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By | June 4, 2018

Benefits of Experiential Marketing.

When it comes to experiential marketing everybody including millennials are crazy about. When it comes to experiencing actual experiences, all generations are favoring it as compared to holding it off for the future. This has left many people wondering what experiential marketing is. Well, it is like the traditional marketing but it has a 21st century update.

It is advisable to consider integrating experiential marketing campaigns to the marketing strategies you have in place. For people who are wondering what experiential marketing is, it is promotional marketing, over the years people has been using live events and promotions which are special in their marketing landscape.

Research has shown that 80% of marketers view live events play an important role in their marketing strategies. Close to 77 % of marketers are for the idea that one should use experiential marketing in the strategies they are using for marketing.

When you hold live events one gets a chance to interact with people in the same field and also meet people who may end up been their business clients. When it comes to special promotions, it leverages the cravings people might have for new and novel, and the fear of missing out. With experiential marketing one gets an opportunity to be see and be seen and meet people who are like minded people along the way.

There are several experiential marketing campaigns examples, which show how the present blends with the classic. One common example is the case of Maryellis Bun, who using her company New York museum of ice cream has used experiential marketing in building a brand that is lavish. She is often considered as the millennial Walt Disney. The stations in the New York Museum of ice cream are so attractive that they can easily be posted on Instagram. One should not also forget the swimming pool of the museum, which has rainbow sparkles, as well as a rocky candy cave.

The museum of ice cream follows the traditional marketing strategies although much attention is put on the cohesive visual branding. In the webby awards, this museum has been nominated for 2 awards, this has resulted from using experiential marketing in their marketing. Another museum nominated for the award is Guggenheim museum.

There are many benefits of experiential marketing when incorporated to the marketing strategies you already have in place. If you are thinking of launching a new product, make sure you create all your content and promotions as you would have. When launching your product make it is launched in an impressive manner, For example, you can consider incorporating visual branding into your experiential marketing, by having a selfie wall or something else that is attractive. Been in a position to offer different kind of incentives to your clients is very important if you want more people to hear about the product.

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